Did grandma have a cell phone?

imagespinterestI wish that I had been there when my 7-year old grandson asked his mom, “Did you call your grandma on her cellphone when you were a little kid?” She shares the story with a smile in her voice, and says, “Grandmas did not have cellphones when I was a little kid! My mom and dad did not have cell phones either.”  I can imagine the surprise on my grandson’s face; yes, he is familiar with history, is a fan of the Titanic, and knows everything about Ben Franklin!  But the blunt truth of realizing that your mom, dad, and your grandparents are a part of history is more than a 7-year old can bear.

Our daughter explained that her grandmother wrote her a long letter in cursive, sparking another question, “What is cursive?”  She told him that the letter sometimes took a week to arrive; he probably thought that it came by Pony Express rather than the USPS, which is only a tad faster than Pony Express these days.

My how things change!  How quickly we become history! How about you? Did you call your grandma on her cell phone when you were a little kid? And in what year was that?


One thought on “Did grandma have a cell phone?

  1. It’s crazy how quickly we’ve come in such a short space of time. Technology has rapidly improved, I remember the first day getting a PC, or getting an internet connection, and now these things are either standard household items, or even available in peoples pockets!


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