Screenteens…did they learn it from us?

Have you ever wondered why teens cannot part with their devices?  Have you ever wondered about the long-term effects of round-the-clock use of devices? With 5G on the horizon, should you be aware? Is it time to join the bandwagon and realize that sleep and peak health are compromised.

Where do our teenagers learn to text before bedtime, immediately upon arising, and sometimes throughout the night? They learn it from us! Think about your own level of connectivity and how often you part with your device.

Some teens sleep with the phone under the pillow – it would be a tragedy to miss an important text (is there such a thing as an unimportant text)? Parents, do you sleep with the smartphone in your bedroom; do you use it as an alarm clock?

People, yes, including parents, use their devices all the time. Jean Twenge warned us in her 2017 book “IGen” of the ill effects of social media and smartphone use by teens. Studies in medical journals and research by Professor Curtis Bennett of IHFGlobal – show that those who keep their devices next to them during sleep do not sleep well. A blue light emitted by the screens of mobile devices is often associated with poor quality sleep.

Have we reached a point of addiction? Is the device now an appendage, and if so, how can we break loose? the concerns are real and Screenteens will continue to use their devices 24/7/265. Let’s increase awareness and play safe during use!


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