The 26 Principles of Life…a tool for balance

Expect it, listen, and allow the universe to bring it in..from B is for Balance

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.”  –   Mahatma Gandhi

We should expect balance, and allow the universe to bring it into our lives…into our being.

My dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, had an air of entitlement.  Yes, he did have royal bloodlines and a rich heritage.  And, yes, he was born in Dublin, Ireland and came to the US at age 6 weeks.  And yes, he had been to obedience school and graduated with honors.  But, he expected recognition, he listened, and he allowed the universe, and his masters, to bring it in!

We deserve balance in our lives, and we should expect it…from the universe…into our being.  Some say that there are twenty-six principles of life and that these principles affect our overall being.

26 Principles of Life (

  1. All Are Related
  2. The Energy Flow
  3. We Are Beings of Both Spirit and Flesh
  4. No One Entity is Superior to Another
  5. Belief Creates
  6. Intuition
  7. The Higher Purpose
  8. There are No Ordinary Moments
  9. There are No Limits
  10. Action, not Reaction
  11. Positivity Rules
  12. Posture, Pose, and Breathing
  13. Everything in Balance
  14. Intent is Action
  15. Freedom of Choice 
  16. Change Happens 
  17. Taking Responsibility 
  18. One Step at a Time 
  19. Judgment 
  20. Integrity 
  21. Air your Doubts 
  22. Failure 
  23. The Ongoing Journey 
  24. Don’t Mind 
  25. Emotions 
  26. Play 

(Adapted, with permission, from material by Jason Johns for use in B is for Balance)

How will you apply the “Principles” to achieve balance in your own life? Will you expect, and allow, balance? 


Stress Management…what does it look like?

From an unrealistic workload due to inadequate staffing and excessive paperwork; fluctuating schedules associated with changing shifts; mandatory overtime; floating without appropriate orientation; and moral and ethical dilemmas, nurses, first responders, police officers, and pilots see and feel it all.  Who is the picture of stress management? The answer is Sharon Weinstein, author of B is for Balance, 2nd edition…12 steps to creating balance at home and at work.

Additionally, being single, rearing young families, and/or caring for aging parents are common life circumstances with unique psychosocial and logistical challenges. Many professionals have sought flexible, virtual arrangements in pursuit of balanced personal lives. We all have personal and career goals. By visualizing those goals, we empower ourselves to achieve them. Taking small action steps toward our goals puts them within our reach.  How do you manage your stress? What small action steps have you taken?

Why is Sharon the ‘look’ of stress management? It’s simple – she put the B into Balance, and she works at it every single day!  Do you?